World War 2 Crimes on Trial – the second wave (1958–1970)

   2018. március 2.

Conference and Workshop

The event is organized in the framework of the international project ’WW2CRIMESONTRIAL 1943-1991’, focusing on the social historical developments of WW 2 crimes in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union between 1943 and 1991. During the conference, the aims, the scope, and the network of the WW2CRIMESONTRIAL project will be reviewed, and project participants will present on social and legal aspects of historical criminal justice in Poland and the Soviet Union during the „long sixties”.

Date: 02/03/2018


9:15 Vanessa Voisin (CERCES – EHESS/CNRS): Introduction

9:30 Jasmin Söhner (Heidelberg University): The closed legal discussion on German anti-partisan warfare in the Soviet Union: personal experiences, specifity of place and hierarchy of victims

10:00 Łukasz Jasiński (Gdynia City Museum): Information-justice-propaganda. Polish press coverage of  war crimes trials  during 1960’s

After the conference, a closed workshop will be held with the participation of 6 project members.

Organised by MTA Institute for Social Sciences, Institute for Sociology
Address: Budapest 9. Tóth Kálmán u. 4. B.1.15.

The WW2CRIMESONTRIAL project is supported by the French Research Agency. See more about the project at

The conference and workshop is supported by the National Cultural Fund of Hungary.